• RedRoute Market Research
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  • Market Research Equals ROI

    Want to know in advance what the commercial value of your Market Research decisions will be?
    Combining clever research with financial modelling will guide you to the right decisions.

  • Customer Research Equals ROI

    Converting customer satisfaction measures and social media chatter into a sales generation tool.
    Leveraging our unique 5-driver model and financial modelling capabilities we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to increase overall preference for your brand.

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  • Pricing Research Equals ROI

    Taking a holistic approach to pricing by taking into account cost, sales targets, competitor reactions and other factors, we’ll research the right price for your brand / company.

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  • Branding Research Equals ROI

    Companies often have little evidence that new branding design will result in improved perceptions of the brand and an increase in sales. So if you’d prefer to know in advance of implementation, then RedRoute can help.

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  • Voice of the Customer

    Tracking customer sentiment across all channels and platforms.

  • Innovation

    Concept testing, product design, new product pricing and packaging.

  • Re-branding

    Measuring the impacts of brand relaunches and re-positioning

  • Market Profiling

    Ensuring brands meet their customers needs, market side.

  • Customer Profiling

    Ensuring brands meet their customers needs, customer side.

  • Media Evaluation

    Including ad research and measurement of ROIs

Welcome to RedRoute

RedRoute International is a specialist marketing analysis and marketing effectiveness agency. We provide three core services:

  • Consultancy: By means of our unique 5-Driver Framework, we provide a range of services from Customer Value Management through to Pricing and Promotions Management, Media Mix Management and Customer Service Management, that enable you to spot opportunities before your competitors and counter threats the moment they arise
  • Market Research: We provide results that optimise the commercial value of market research findings in terms of sales and profit. This is achieved through effective research design and the calibration of market research data to actual (or estimated actual) in-market sales behaviours.
  • Online Applications: RedRoute supply a range of online tools to enable marketers to better manage topics such as pricing, promotions effectiveness, media mix effectiveness, demand management and so on. These tools can be found at myredroute.com and / or within the RedRoute Organiser online client portal.


Market Research

Providing you with a proven return on your research investment is at the heart of everything that we do. Every time a company implements the findings of a market research project they are making decisions that impact on the profitability of their business. At RedRoute Market Research we will help you to understand what the sales and profit implications of these decisions are.

We carry out bespoke work that base insight decisions in the real context of actual costs, demand, different distribution channels, competitor reactions and strategic aims and so forth to ensure these decisions increase sales and profits.

We achieve this through effective research design and the calibration of market research data to actual (or estimated actual) in-market sales behaviours.

So if that sounds like the holy grail of market research you’ve been looking for why not give us a call to find out a bit more?

Our Case Studies

Please browse our case studies to see how we have helped other clients.

  • Advertising Evaluation

    Our client was running an advertising campaign consisting of radio, TV and poster in 3 bursts but not all bursts with the same media channel mix.

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  • Re-branding

    A multi-national retailer was contemplating to re-brand their entire estate in 5 countries. Due to the vast amounts of investment required they wanted to know what incremental volumes and price uplifts a re-branding would bring, if any, from customers and non-customers.

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  • Promotions

    To understand how promotions work in the UK hot drinks market in order to maximise the sales uplifts form the below-the-line marketing budget

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