Effective Net Preference.

The "Effective Net Preference score" (ENP) underlies much of our work.

It’s the score for each customer/prospect that tells us how likely they are to be interested in using the goods/services you are offering at this point in time, and in the future.

It’s important because we know for a fact that there is a direct correlation between ENP scores that companies achieve and their share of wallet.

The ENP score is calculated from the elements of our unique 5-driver model that pretty much cover all areas of your business. The importance of each of the components of our unique 5-driver model can vary by company. However the ENP score helps us plan all company activities and maximise ROI.

So in the first instance we gather two types of data from market research surveys as well as digital content from social media sites, blogs and so on:

  • Attitudinal data that tells us about the values that your customers or prospects have
  • Circumstance data that gives us important information about their circumstances. This can be anything from where they’ve been on holiday last time, how far they drive to fill up with petrol, how many pets they have, the last family outing described on Facebook – obviously all tailored to your business.

RedRoute Effective Net Preference

In the second step we use company sales data, share data and the like to build powerful predictive models that tell you exactly what you need to do in order to increase sales / profitability. Tracking it all then enables us to evaluate the changes made in your organisation and the effect it has on the ENP score. We’ll be able to tell you for the change in ENP what the corresponding increase in sales will be.

What’s more, because the models are built using behavioural drivers, we can then tell you what would need to change, and by how much, in order to increase that likelihood. So you can see how the offer would need to change, and by how much, in order to be suitable to meet your current needs, circumstances and attitudes. It is a very powerful and effective technique.

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