Packaging design / re-design isn’t cheap to implement

So your company needs to be sure that the design will result in increased sales and profits. Predicting financial consequences of the market research decisions you make is at the heart of everything we do at RedRoute Market Research.

Packaging has a lot to achieve in very little time so we’ve designed our research to test the following:

  • Standout: Essential in order to be considered in a crowded shelf space
  • Brand Communication: Does it effectively communicate brand values?
  • Product Details: How well does it communicate product / sku (e.g. Tetley Red Bush)?
  • Product Benefits: How effectively does it communicate product benefits that give the consumer a reason to buy?
  • Motivator: Is it strong enough to motivate purchase?

RedRoute Packaging

However, in order to provide you with reliable answers we will also take into account factors such as production costs, distribution costs (re-design) and any other company specific variables like strategic aims, competitors, retailer specific amount of shelf space given and so forth.

For packaging we would measure the perceived Effective Net Preference score (or change in ENP) for the design change and would use existing market (or other relevant benchmark info) to position the new one on the scale. This will tell us where it would expect to be in terms of market share. We would use your market data to do this and/or we can supplement it with original research.

If this sounds like a straightforward, common-sense and refreshing approach, why not simply give us a call and have a chat? Tel: +44 (0) 20 7917 6042