Product Design.

Blue Sky Thinking

RedRoute Blue Sky Thinking

Blue Sky Thinking involves coming up with new design options if money was no object. While some ideas can seem too wild and wacky, often these can be re-engineered into an affordable and slightly amended version that still contains the same benefits.

We use qualitative and quantitative solutions to tell you, which of the blue sky ideas is likely to be the most profitable one to take forward. We do this through benchmarking and calibration. Our "Effective Net Preference score" (ENP) helps us link preference for a particular blue sky idea to market share and hence predict which of the various blue sky ideas are worth taking forward to the next stage.


Optimising product design solutions

RedRoute Product Design Solutions

Optimising product design solutions involves trading off various design elements given certain price constraints in a quantitative research study. This allows us to test any of the blue sky ideas against other design features at different pricing levels to understand what is likely to provide you with the highest sales and profits. We benchmark and calibrate the data against sales & market shares of existing products/services. However because we appreciate that pricing can be complicated we also work with you on the various elements of price such as costs and company circumstances such as the strategic aims, competitor reaction and so forth.

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