What makes us different?

RedRoute Innovation

Our ability to predict the implications that market research decisions have on the bottom line of a business. We will take into account your marketing spend and so on, and more importantly information about prospective customers that will influence their purchasing behaviour and predict the Return on Investment that you can expect. Everything we do will be customised for your business and we will be providing advice and help all the way.

Our offer comprises:

How It Works

As part of the research design, we also collect data on each customer’s unique set of circumstances and attitudes. Combining this with all other available data sources (such as sales data, loyalty card data) we construct econometric models of sales performance that explain individual purchasing behaviour. These models enable you to predict, with a high degree of accuracy, each individual customer’s and/or prospect’s potential future value to the company – in both the short and long term.

The models work because they embody the fundamental anthropological motivations that govern human purchasing behaviour. Things such as the size of their family; what represents (for them, as an individual) good value for money; where they live; their interests and hobbies and any other relevant types of measures help build a picture that correlates with the pattern of purchasing that we see on a transactional database.