Media Evaluation.

Commercial companies engage in advertising (of any kind)

Because they wish to increase revenues – whether this is from current or new customers. However, media objectives can differ from targeting short term promotional sales to long term brand building, and one of the major challenges is deciding how much of the marketing budget should be allocated to differing media channels in each situation. Moreover, doing so is now ever-more complicated owing to the plethora of traditional and digital media available to advertisers. And as well as hard ROI, companies need an evaluation of how advertising impacts on perceptions of their target audience and whether it has managed to give people a reason to purchase. In other words, are you getting your message across – and exactly what message is being received?

To help you cope with this new and complex world RedRoute have developed a new and original media evaluation service that comprises two different components. These can be commissioned together or separately, depending on your business needs.

The first component is RedRoute’s Integrated Tracking and Evaluation of Media – or ITEM for short. This is a purely market research based evaluation of your advertising. It typically incorporates both pre & post advertising evaluations to help you understand the following:

  • Overall appeal and standard evaluation measures (interest, funny, boring, told something new, engaging, exciting etc.)
  • Contribution to brand beliefs and brand consideration
  • Prompted & unprompted ad recall and message take out
  • Has the advertising appealed the most to the audience you targeted? Who has been influenced the most?
  • What perceptions have been driven by the campaign (brand perceptions, overall purchase intention, overall rating, emotional versus rational elements)?
  • Has the campaign achieved more than the individual parts?
  • What did they really think about your ad?

The second component is RedRoute’s Media Mix Management, which uses a mix of econometric modelling and market research to understand, at a global and individual level, the impact of media activities on the "Effective Net Preference" (ENP) that each activity is generating for your brand amongst your target consumers. This knowledge is then leveraged to provide marketing budget allocations that maximise the long term return from the marketing budget.

The "Effective Net Preference score" is a combination of different preference drivers across your business. The importance of each of the components of our unique 5-driver model can vary by company. What we know, however, is that at the level of the individual consumer, there is a direct correlation between the ENP score your company achieves and your share of wallet. This is invaluable information in planning marketing campaigns and maximising ROI.

RedRoute Effective Net Preference

We assess which areas drive ENP the most in your business and therefore not only help evaluate whether the message you sent out was in fact perceived and understood correctly but also whether you have in fact sent the right message to persuade the target audience to buy from you. It will tell you whether there is a particular preference that you can own to help you build your brand and brand loyalty.

RedRoute's Media Mix Management service concentrates on the key underlying metrics - reach, frequency, and net sales effectiveness. Usually what is needed is a more strategic overview of media investment, understanding what role each type of media should be playing for the brand, where to leverage synergies and where to exploit tactical advantage. Moreover, the strategy has to appreciate where the audience is and the fact that, for example, despite its popularity, less than half the UK population (and an even smaller proportion globally) actually use vehicles such as Facebook.

What's more, experience of what's worked elsewhere may in fact be entirely inappropriate for your particular brand. We have seen a compelling example of this in the retail sector where an agency applied supermarket Clubcard thinking to a 'low visit frequency' retail environment with disastrous consequences for campaign ROI.

We will provide you with an objective, data-driven framework for deciding how much you need to spend on each type of media in order to maximise your return on investment - in both the short term and the long term.

Moreover, our methods and approach mean that you get a prediction of the sales (or other relevant target measure) that you should get for that level and mix of investment.

If this sounds like a new and insightful approach to getting the maximum return from your communications budget then why not simply give us a call and have a chat? Tel: +44 (0) 20 7917 6042