Many companies re-brand

RedRoute Rebranding

But are not sure if this will positively affect current customer spending and/or attract new customers. In short – will the expenditure on your re-branding bring a return on that investment and what is that likely to be?

At RedRoute Market Research we specialise in determining the financial consequences of your re-branding decisions:

  • Will the re-brand increase my revenues from current customers and by how much?
  • We have acquired one or more brands – should we re-brand these acquisitions or not?
  • Will the re-brand attract new customers into my brand and if so what additional revenues would this bring?
  • Will the value of my brand increase as a result of the re-brand?
  • Does the design need improving and if so how?
  • Will the re-brand change brand beliefs among customers and non-customers and by how much?
  • How will the re-brand affect our standing versus competitors (best-in-class analysis)?
  • Can we incorporate different scenarios to evaluate the best options?

We achieve this through effective research design and the calibration of market research data to actual (or estimated actual) in-market sales behaviours.

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